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Venice Film Festival Diary: Neorealism.

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Diary from the 70th Art Exhibition Venice Film Festival:

Busy days for Triworld Cinema in Venice for the presentation of the documentary, “The Neo-realism. We were not only… Bicycle Thieves.”.  After the interviews to the cast, the press conference of September the 1st welcomed the official screening of the docu-film directed from Giovanni Bozzacchi e Carlo Lizzani. In addition to the co-director, also Enzo Staiola, famous as the child star of Bicycle Thieves of Vittorio De Sica, and Pino Donaggio author of the soundtrack. Much has been told of the docufilm and of its high contribution to the cultural and artistic heritage that has been inserted by the Biennale in the “Venice Classics”, and of the distribution that will be directed mostly to the academy and schools of cinema. Reference was also made to the fact that the film production company Triworld Cinema is in full swing with several projects already under construction. Red Carpet for the big events for the cast. A large turnout critical and public acclaim for the official screening in the Great Hall. After the last cast interviews, the third day ended with the last screening in the late evening in the Sala Perla (Ex Casino) and a well-deserved refreshments on the terrace of the Excelsior with the cast and characters of the show business gathered to celebrate Triworld Cinema and Giovanni Bozzacchi.

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